R.I.P to Vine

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Instagram then changed the game…..AGAIN!! and put vine to shame. Vine went from hot to not within two milliseconds.  Instagram got video da fuck you need a vine for. 

PS. They shaking even more ass on instagram wait till #humpday smh


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You know what time it is

Brian O’Connors School of Driving

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Brian O'Connors School of Driving

Being fast never ends
to be continued………

Fast Lane

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Fast cars

Change of scenery

Fast food

New money

I can dig it…….


The cost of some peace and quiet in NYC? $20 an hour

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Originally posted on Gigaom:

Renting a car or a bike for a couple of hours seems like a reasonable prospect, but would you rent a room just to charge your phone, meet with someone or just take a nap? A one-off room service is headed to New York City, and it’s not like an illicit Japanese love hotel. Instead, it’s geared towards people looking for some peace and quiet in a snappy living space.

Earlier today at London’s Le Web conference, coworking rental space management startup Breather debuted at the hands of founder Julien Smith, according to Venturebeat. The concept is pretty straightforward: simply register, book a “private quiet space” nearby, unlock your room with your phone (utilizing Lockitron), and use the space at your own discretion. All for around $20/hour.

Marketed as the “Zipcar for rooms,” Breather is a sign of the times: as urban cities become more crowded, the demand for…

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AppScale’s mission: Making your mobile apps really mobile

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Originally posted on Gigaom:

AppScale wants to make it so the web and mobile apps you build are truly mobile. That means if you construct them on a given cloud platform you are not married to that platform for life when it comes to deploy and run them. AppScale focuses on providing a way to migrate or fail over apps to another cloud, or even your own servers, as needed. That minimizes that knotty problem of lock-in, which is there if you scratch the surface of any IT team.

appscaleThe company, one of GigaOM’s Structure LaunchPad finalists, aims to help all the folks wanting to wring the most out of their own code and data by making it available either to employees inside the firewall or beyond to customers, said AppScale CTO and co-founder Chandra Krintz. And PaaSes like Heroku (s crm), Google App Engine(s goog), Microsoft (S msft) Windows Azure, et al, are…

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What makes Instagram such a steal for Facebook

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When Facebook decided that it would spend a billion dollars (though in reality it turned out to be $715 million) to buy Instagram, a San Francisco-based photo-sharing network, it was a decision that was met with raised eyebrows, some tears and a lot of anger. There was this feeling that Facebook bought the one true challenger to its core value proposition — photos and photo sharing.

RaviLaurynI was reminded of that feeling this morning when I ended up having coffee with Ravi Vora and Lauryn Meyers, twenty-something creatives from Los Angeles. These two travel around the country, combining their work and love of photography and sharing it with thousands via Instagram. I am one of those thousands who have been spell-bound by the ethereal beauty of their Instagrams.

Vora told me that he grew up in Michigan wanting to be a geneticist but when he scratched his creative…

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